Special Gynaecological Procedures & Treatments

Mapusa Clinic's comprehensive women's health services provide leading-edge & innovative gynecological procedures which include advanced diagnostic technologies & minimal invasive procedures.

Few of the Special Gynaecological Procedures offered are mentioned below. In addition to this many more procedures are offered, as Medicine is an evolving field, and our Doctors keep abreast with the latest techniques in Laparascopic (key hole) surgeries & open surgeries

Abdominal suspension of the bladder (retropubic urethropexy):
Laparoscopic treatment for stress urinary incontinence
Separating or cutting of adhesions between uterus and surrounding tissues like intestine, bladder, abdominal wall etc
Cervical Cone Biopsy:
A diagnostic and/or treatment for cervical abnormalities or erosions
Surgical repair of the vaginal wall to prevent vaginal vault prolapse
Diagnostic test done with the help of a Colposcope for early detection of cervical cancer
Diagnostic or therapeutic test to check for abnormalities in the bladder
Dilation and Curettage (D&C) diagnostic or obstetrical:
Diagnostic or therapeutic test for obtaining uterine wall lining for evaluation
Endometrial ablation:
Procedure to ablate the lining of the uterus
Endometrial or Uterine Biopsy:
Removal of tissue from the uterus for diagnosis
Fascia Lata sling procedure:
Surgical treatment for recurrent stress urinary incontinence
Fluid-Contrast Ultrasound (FCUS):
Injection of sterile fluid into the uterine cavity to check for abnormalities in the uterine cavity or polyps by using ultrasound
Removal of the uterus - Abdominal or Vaginal Hysterectomy
A radiological procedure to check for any defects in the uterine cavity and to check the shape and patency of the fallopian tubes
A procedure to view the uterine cavity
Lugol's Iodine Test:
To check for abnormalities in the cervical lining for cancer
Surgical procedure to remove fibroids
Surgical procedure to remove the ovaries
Pap smear:
Diagnostic test in which surface cells of the cervix are sent for examination to test for cancer
Pelvic Laparoscopy:
Surgical procedure to visualize organs in the pelvis for diagnosis and treatment
Pelvic Ultrasound:
Sonography of the pelvis
Perineal repair:
Surgical repair of the perineum
Sacrospinous ligament suspension of the vaginal vault:
Surgical repair for vaginal vault prolapse
Tension free Vaginal Tape (TVT):
A minimally invasive procedure for stress urinary incontinence using synthetic tape
Surgical removal of the cervix (not the rest of the uterus)
Transobturator Tape placement (TOT):
First line of treatment for stress urinary incontinence
Tubal Ligation:
Family planning procedure
Uterine suspension:
Surgical procedure to reposition the prolapsed uterus either by laparoscopy or open surgery
Uterosacral suspension:
Surgical suspension of the vaginal vault post removal of uterus either by laparoscopy or open surgery
Vaginal hernia repair:
Surgical procedure in which pelvic structures which have descended into the vagina due to a defect in the vaginal wall are repositioned
Vaginal paravaginal repair:
Surgical procedure to repair vaginal wall prolapse
Removal of the vulva